Hi, I am Cynthia the founder of Ceedesign. I am a young professional working in finance, fascinated by organisation, but above all a lover of Christ. I received the Lord Jesus in my life in 2017. The Lord in His grace took away all the doubts about my purpose and He gave me a new identity.
Identity is determined by answering this simple question: Who are you? Such a simple question can give you a great deal of thought. To be honest, this question made me think and as I could not find an answer, I found myself in tears. I was convinced that by first seeking the Kingdom of God, it would come to me instinctively. I therefore asked God to reveal to me the gift He put in me to serve Him and inspire others to welcome Him in their lives. In our walk on earth, yes the Lord will close some doors, cut some relationships and allow failure, but keeping faith is essential. We can value nothing more than our love for the Almighty God. My main purpose on this Earth is to worship Him alone.
Ceedesign was born shortly after my conversion, but did not come into effect until 2020. It started by designing unique singles cover and promotional posters for emerging Christian artists and continues today with a digital journal The Faith Journal. Through Ceedesign, I would like to extend this desire to everyone to live in their calling and to encourage women to carry out the projects that God has placed in their hearts. 
“The mission of Ceedesign is to make known the good news of Jesus Christ and help others enhance their faith through simple and intentional design.”